Valencia Circuit (Spain)

4 April 2014

Valencia is a very short track (only 4 km) but at the same time a very difficult and technical one. Driving a 600 hp gp2 car requires constant attention and teaches you how to operate the throttle carefully. Kuba was here for the first time and we have to admit that he learned the track very quickly. After a few laps he was able to enter a good racing pace but still with room for improvement. With every practice he went faster. At the end of the day his laptimes were on a good level but we decided not to use new tyres but to save them for tomorrow morning. On the second day everything was just like we wanted it to be. The thermometer showed over 27 degrees and the sky was cloudless. But most importantly our driver did a good job on the track. He used the new tyres very well and we were leaving Valencia with good memories and a laptime just over 1 minute 20 seconds.

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