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    Adrien Tambay joins our LMP2 drivers at Barcelona

    The Inter Europol Competition team is happy to announce that French driver Adrien Tambay will join Kuba Smiechowski (POL) and local driver Dani Clos in the #34 LMP2 at Barcelona. The European Le Mans race will be held on Saturday 20 July and starts at 18.30 hrs.   Adrien Tambay:“I am very glad and happy […]


    It was a very very very warm weekend (28-29 June) for everyone in the paddock of the Ultimate Cup Series at Mugello. Thursday, Friday and Saturday saw temperatures of around 40 degrees and little to no wind. But the weather did not influence the qualifying result. Third was the best of the season for Paul […]

    The race after Le Mans

    The race after Le Mans, in Mugello, will be a very different race for the Inter Europol Competition team. For this race, it will not be the battle of endurance but instead it will be a battle with the heat. Temperatures of around the 40 degrees are expected for today and the coming days it […]

    We took the chequered flag in the 24 Hours of Le Mans

    The amazing 24 Hours of Le Mans adventure of the Inter Europol Competition team finished by taking the chequered flag on Sunday 15 June. Maybe not in the way the team wanted, but cross the line the #34 LMP2 did. And what an adventure it has been.   It started in September 2018 when the […]

    Nine hours done and keeping the pace

    The first 24 Hours of Le Mans for the team is a fact. We started the race from 26thplace overall and 18thin LMP2. After the always impressive starting procedures, Kuba Smiechowski started his first 24 hour race. For the first six hours the car ran without any troubles.   Just into the seventh hour the […]

    No chance to shine in the either Road to Le Mans race

    Race 1             In the first of the two 55 minute races of the Road to Le Mans, the #13 LMP3 with gentlemen drivers Simon Phillips and Philippe Bourgois, started from 43rd place overall and 28th in LMP3. In the formation lap Phillips, who started in the race, got pushed by the Bentley and spun, which […]

    What the drivers said about Thursday qualifying

    Nigel Moore: “The car was good. We improved it a lot since the test. We now have a car that is stable and easy to drive and it will be good for the race. During the race I think, if we can be consistent and stay out of trouble, we could end up with a […]

    In general a happy Inter Europol Competition team

    On the first official day of the 87thedition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Inter Europol Competition team finished 27thoverall, 18thin LMP2 or 4thLigier in the free practice session. There were no problems and the drivers were happy with the set-up of the #34 LMP2. In the night qualifying session the team finished […]

    Another first for the Inter Europol Competition team

    Not only will the Inter Europol Competition team race for the first time in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with their Ligier P217, it will also participate with their Ligier LMP3 for the first time in the Road to Le Mans programme.   Two of the team’s gentlemen drivers took the opportunity to participate […]

    What the drivers said after the 24H test day

    James Winslow “It was a positive day, but then being back again on the track is always positive. We tried a few things and went the right way and the wrong way. We collected an awful lot of information and that is exactly what the test day leading into the 24 Hours of le Mans […]