Hockenheimring (Germany)

4 April 2014

After the first day of practices which was spent on finding the best setup, it was time for real racing . Already the first free practice showed, that Kuba will be one of the main competitors for victory. With the help of new tyres he was able put his car on the second position on the timesheet, just behind Klaas Zwaart’s Jaguar F1 car powered by the 800hp Cosworth engine, which is limited to 18,000 RPM. The qualifying was schedueled for the afternoon. But then a tragic accident happened- at one of the practices a classical Triumph rolled over which sadly led to the death of the driver… All further practices on this day were naturally cancelled. The organizers somehow squeezed in a short qualifying session in the morning. Kuba used perfectly the new tyres and his first lap was also the best. He secured pole position with almost a 2 second gap to the second place. The first race started a bit unlucky for our driver. The Safety Car was driving very slowly on the formation lap, and because of this Kuba was unable to warm up his tyres and brakes properly which is crucial when dealing with carbon brakes. In result Kuba left the track on the first braking. He rejoined in the 4-th place. After a spectacular battle for the first position, the Pole finally overtook Bernd Herndlhofer on the last but one lap. The next race was on Sunday. Kuba was leading for the first half of the race but it was impossible to hold off the incredibly fast F1 car of Klaas Zwaart. With every lap the Dutchmen increased his lead by over one second. The second place looked pretty comfortable for Kuba. There was no chance of catching Zwaart, the car in the third place was over 10 seconds behind him and only three laps to go. Unfortunately in the middle of the lap a brake malfunction forced Kuba to retire from the race. It was too dangerous for him and other drivers on the track to continue because the was no braking fluid left in the tubes. Despite this failure the Inter Europol Competition team was very pleased both with the performance of their driver and the car preparation which until the end of the second race worked flawlessly.

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