Paul Ricard Circuit (France)

4 April 2014

This was a very fruitful test. We’ve had both beautiful sunshine and a little bit of rain. This circuit is very good for practice because it has every kind of corners: fast, medium and slow. The goal for this test was to get the most mileage in the car and to work on the pace. The first day passed by rather smoothly. There were a couple of red flags that stopped the practices for a moment but it always turned out to be just a minor problem and the practices were resumed very quickly. At the end of the day we decided to put on a new set of tires to check the difference between the ones that were already worn out. Jakub went immediately significantly faster. This showed us that he already learned the track well and that he had used the new tires properly. At the same time we also gained a new target lap time to beat tomorrow. The second day was very similar to the first one. The only difference was a little bit of rain that came down on the afternoon. This gave us the opportunity to check Kuba’s pace on wet conditions. It was very good. The track dryed out quickly so we decided to make a qualifying simulation. Kuba was able to beat his laptime from the previous day despite that the track had less grip after the rain. After a short break we went out on the track again for a race simulation. Everything went as planned: Kuba was able to keep a fast and steady pace which is a great prognostic for the oncoming season.

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