What the drivers said about Thursday qualifying

14 June 2019

Nigel Moore: “The car was good. We improved it a lot since the test. We now have a car that is stable and easy to drive and it will be good for the race. During the race I think, if we can be consistent and stay out of trouble, we could end up with a decent result. Kuba did some good times in the afternoon session, as well in the night, so he feels good as well. And yes, I am ready to race.”


James Winslow:“There is a lot of positives that has come of the last two days. I think all three drivers feel comfortable in the car and are confident in the day and in the night. That is important. It’s a long race and the average needed to be high and it is high. If you look at other cars and teams on the grid we have a very good spread across all three drivers. So I feel confident and look forward to the race on Saturday.”


Kuba Smiechowski:“I am ready to race. We found a good set up over the last two day and I found some stuff I can do better on the track. Towards the end my pace was not so bad. I feel pretty good out there. I am very proud of our team. Everyone has worked so hard on this project. It’s an amazing achievement in such a short time. Everyone gave what they could. I am just very proud. My hope is to finish the race. I thinks it is a good goal for our first Le Mans. Whatever place we can achieve, I will be proud.”




Qualifying 1:   22ndoverall and 15thLMP2     3m30s744

Qualifying 2:   26thoverall and 18thLMP2      3m30s823

Qualifying 3:   25thoverall and 17thLMP2      3m31s491


Provisional classification:                               26th (3m30s744)

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