In general a happy Inter Europol Competition team

13 June 2019

On the first official day of the 87thedition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Inter Europol Competition team finished 27thoverall, 18thin LMP2 or 4thLigier in the free practice session. There were no problems and the drivers were happy with the set-up of the #34 LMP2. In the night qualifying session the team finished 23rdoverall, 15thin class and again the 4thLigier. Not a bad result for the first time at le Mans and only after two ELMS races with the LMP2.


James Winslow: “It was a good night session, we ticked the box and did our five mandatory laps in the dark. Every time I jump in the car there seemed to be a full course yellow or a slow zone. Good practice for the race though. I also did three laps in the light earlier and the car feels very very good. The team did a good job preparing the car. I am feeling much more confident in the car then a few weeks ago. Things are looking good for the race.”


Kuba Smiechowski: “The car was not so good for me as it was for James. I found it danced a lot. In the night it feels like a totally different track so I tried to adept to it slowly. I didn’t want to push too much in my first qualifying and to keep the car in one piece. More tomorrow.”


Nigel Moore: “I love driving in the dark. I am already looking forward doing three consecutive stints during the race in the night. The car feels good, but the seat needs a little work. On the whole a good day.”

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