Very proud: 5th in LMP2 and 10th overall!

22 August 2021

What a race! The Inter Europol Competition #34 Oreca LMP2 finished fifth in LMP2 and 10th overall. What a result for the team! This is only the team?s the fourth race in the WEC, the fourth race with an Oreca, and the third participation in the Le Mans 24 Hours.?


Sascha Fassbender (team manager): ?What a fantastic result for the team. The mechanics prepared the car perfectly. We had no technical problems at all. The car performed faultlessly during the 24 hours. The pitstops went without a hitch every time. ?The drivers did a fantastic job, even in the rain during the start and a bit later where Kuba stayed out on slicks, which was the base for this incredible result. A big thank you to all those who made this possible for us. I am just happy.?


Kuba Smiechowski: ?I am very proud of what we have achieved as a team. No technical issues, which really shows the effort everybody has put it. We had a long preparation time, but in the end, it was all worth it. And a big thank you to all the guys for this amazing result.?


Alex Brundle: ?The third race at Le Mans and then a top 5 finish. The team as a group did an amazing job. Every member. A special mention to my teammates, and specifically, Kuba, who really came alive when we needed him most and he did the job. It was a really tough race, in changeable conditions. I am very happy to see everybody happy with the result.?


Renger van der Zande: ?I am incredibly proud of the team. We had some struggles, but they were never big ones. It feels good that a relatively small LMP2 team from Poland comes here and finishes in the top 5. It shows you don?t have to be big to be successful.?



Start: ???????????????????17      
After 1 hour: ????????8 After 7 hours: ?????? 6 After 13 hours:???? 6 After 19 hours:?? 5
After 2 hours: ?????12 After 8 hours:??????? 5 After 14 hours: ????5 After 20 hours.?? 5
After 3 hours: ?????? 9 After 9 hours:??????? 5 After 15 hours: ????5 After 21 hours:?? 5
After 4 hours: ?????? 9 After 10 hours: ????6 After 16 hours:???? 5 After 22 hours:?? 6
After 5 hours: ?????? 8 After 11 hours:???? 6 After 17 hours:???? 5 After 23 hours:?? 6
After 6 hours: ?????? 5 After 12 hours:???? 6 After 18 hours:???? 5 Finish:????????????????? 5



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