Fifth with 6 hours to go

22 August 2021

Throughout the night, the #34 of the Inter Europol Competition team ran trouble-free in 5th or 6th place. Alex Brundle had the only incident so far when he got hit by Racing Team India Eurasia. Luckily the #34 escaped with a damaged rear end, which got changed during the pit stop. Kuba Smiechowski is now in the car, keeping it in 5th place with consistent lap times.


Alex Brundle: I had a bit of an incident with the Eurasia car in my last stint. I got hit in the rear right corner of the car in the first chicane. I have not been hit so hard in a long time on the track. It looked like he could not find the brakes. But I got it back to the box, got a new tail end and, went on my way again.


Renger van der Zande: “I am getting tired for sure, but I am feeling good. The car is reasonable fast, and I hope we can go for the top 5. That would be great. Kuba is in the car now, so let’s see what he can do. We have a problem with the tires in the third stint. No idea why. There is still a little over six hours to go.”

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