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    Very proud: 5th in LMP2 and 10th overall!

    What a race! The Inter Europol Competition #34 Oreca LMP2 finished fifth in LMP2 and 10th overall. What a result for the team! This is only the team’s the fourth race in the WEC, the fourth race with an Oreca, and the third participation in the Le Mans 24 Hours.    Sascha Fassbender (team manager): […]

    Fifth with 6 hours to go

    Throughout the night, the #34 of the Inter Europol Competition team ran trouble-free in 5th or 6th place. Alex Brundle had the only incident so far when he got hit by Racing Team India Eurasia. Luckily the #34 escaped with a damaged rear end, which got changed during the pit stop. Kuba Smiechowski is now […]

    So far so good: 5th in LMP2, 9th overall

    It has been an incident filled race so far. But equally so far, the #34 is keeping out of trouble and at the time of writing the Inter Europol Competition car is in P5 in LMP2 and overall, in 9th place.   In the night Brundle and van der Zande are doing triple stints while […]

    Sixth after 6 hours

    In the rain and behind the safety car, Alex Brundle took the start of the 2021 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He kept his head down and after one hour had moved from 17th to 8th. Brundle stayed in the car for three stints and then Renger van der Zande took over […]

    Some problems, but a strong pace

    Several technical problems reared their ugly head in the first free practice session of the Le Mans 24 Hours race week. And during the only 18 laps that the Inter Europol Competition #34 Oreca LMP2 was on track, there were two long red flag periods and many more full course yellows. P21 was the result. […]

    So far, so good.

    After a good test day, the Inter Europol Competition team is on schedule with their preparations for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.   Alex Brundle, Renger van der Zande, and Kuba Smiechowski contributed to improving the #34 Oreca LMP2 after each of their time in the car.   Renger van der Zande: “It was […]

    4th place… best result so far

    The Inter Europol Competition team finished fourth in the 6 Hours of Monza. With only three starts in the World Endurance Championship, this is their best result with the Oreca #34 LMP2 so far. Even a drive-through penalty did not spoil the race for Kuba Smiechowski, Alex Brundle and Renger van der Zande and the […]

    Monza: part 2

    Last weekend the Inter Europol Competition team raced in the European Le Mans Series in Monza with their Ligier LMP3s and had their second podium finish of the season. This coming weekend it is Monza part 2. The team is ready to race in the third race of the World Endurance Championship with their Oreca […]

    Podium promise kept

    Before the race, Mattia Pasini promised the team to be on the podium. And with his teammates Martin Hippe and Ugo de Wilde, he kept his promise. The #13 Ligier LMP3 of the Inter Europol Competition team took the last place on the podium on the last lap of the race. The #14 sister car […]

    A changed driver lineup for Monza

    The Inter Europol Competition team is back in Monza for the fourth round of the European Le Mans Series with two new drivers in the Ligier LMP3 #14 and a driver change from the #14 to the #13 sister car.   In Monza, Martin Hippe and Ugo de Wilde are joined by Mattia Pasini. Pasini […]