Early morning troubles

20 September 2020

Throughout the night the Inter Europol Competition team LMP2 #34 ran smoothly around 16th place?.. till 7 am. Rene Binder was in the car and was coming in for his regular pit stop, when fuel pump problem occurred and he had to put the Ligier in the box.


Sascha Fassbender, team manager, said the following: ?At 7am some the technical bugs couldn?t stay away and we lost a lot of time (about 43 laps) in the box. After a new fuel pump filter was put in, we also had to install a new alternator. The car went out but had to come back in to get the starter motor changed. The boys have worked really hard but we lost around two hours. We now hope for the last hours to be trouble free and to see the finish line. A big thank you to the mechanics who put all their effort in, even when fighting for a good place was no longer in view. It was a great team effort.?

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