After seven hours

19 September 2020

The Inter Europol Competition #34 Ligier LMP2 started from 21st place in LMP2 class and after seven hours is now in 16th position.


A few adjustments were made at the beginning, which took a little extra time during the pitstops, but they worked for the balance of the car. Here is what Matevos Isaakyan, Rene Binder and Kuba Smiechowski said after their first stint.


Matevos Isaakyan: ?The beginning was really tough as the washout left a tricky condition. After two laps I lost all the grip and we tried to fix it as much as we could; we changed the tyre compound, the front and rear wing. I think we lost time during the pit stops but it is paying off now. Shame we lost time, but it was a good choice to do all this but then the race is a long time.?


Rene Binder: ?It didn?t look too good when I jumped in, but I had quite a decent run. The car got better and better when the temperature dropped. I think we will get faster during the night when the temperature drops even more. I hope we can make up some positions till the morning.


Kuba Smiechowski: ?My stint was pretty decent. I had some slow zones at the beginning and a safety car at the end of my stint. Other than that there were no issues on the car. I felt quite ok. At the moment I am pretty happy even though we lost some time at the beginning. We fighting to win it back.?


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