Dijon: solid third for Smiechowski/Still

26 June 2017

On Sunday the 25th of June at Dijon in the four-hour race of the VdeV championship, the Inter Europol Competition #33 Ligier JS P3 started from 7th (11th overall) with Philippe Bourgois behind the wheel. Hendrik Still started in the #22 car from 4th in class or 8th overall. After four hours of solid racing the #22 finished third on the podium while the #33 finished fifth overall.

Because of the driver rating and the VdeV drive through system the #33 car with one elite (Smiechowski) and one open driver (Still) had eight drive throughs and the #22 three with one open (Bourgois) and one gentleman driver (Scheuschner).

Throughout the race both cars moved from up and down in the top six. It all came down to the last 15 minutes of the race. Smiechowski in the #22 was in third place overall and Scheuschner in fifth, but both with one drive through to go. The first two LMP3s all had done theirs. It was great driving that saw Smiechowski finish third on the podium. He just ran out of time to get to second place. Scheuschner was very quick and could hold on to the fifth place overall.

Kuba Smiechowski (POL) #22: ?I am ok happy with the result and did my best to catch the number two but just needed more laps to do so. My pace was not the quickest but it was constant. The car was sliding a bit on the rear but for the rest the set-up was fine. I like the circuit, difficult but fun to drive.?

Hendrik Still (GER) #22: ?I had a good start and went from fourth to second in the first corner. My stint went without problems and we were even leading after a couple of laps. I found a good rhythm but lost about 0,5 second per lap to the leader (#9 Duqueine Engineering). This is maybe because of my double racing weekend. Lamborghini at Paul Ricard, LMP3 here at Dijon. The two cars are just so very different to drive. But as always the team did a great job to get the car set up for Kuba and me, even when I was not there.?

Philippe Bourgois (BEL) #33: ?I am in love with this car. It was just fantastic. My start was good and I tried not to make mistakes in the traffic. Then I tried to find my rhythm at around 1m17s per lap. What?s great in this race is that there were many actions on track all the time. I had a good fight with a black and red LMP3 as we were very close. I was able to overtake him but only after a while and then he stayed with me for a long time. The car behaves in a comfortable way. At the end is was very warm and a bit more exhausting, but what great fun!

Paul Scheuschner (GER) #33: ?Dijon was a new track for me. I missed the second free fractice and the qualifying session as I was with Hendrik Still at Paul Ricard. In the race, I needed some time to get confident in the car but by the end of the race I just wanted to keep on going. It is a fast and a nice track in beautiful surroundings, and I just wanted to do more laps. My next race is the GT Open in a Lamborghini at the Hungaroring and then Jarama, again with the VdeV.?

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