We are back on the most famous 24H track…

16 September 2020

For the second time in the existence of the team, the Inter Europol Competition team is participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The #34 Ligier LMP2 will be back on track during the 88th edition which takes place from 14.30 hrs on Saturday 19 September till 14.30 hrs Sunday 20 September.


After a very steep learning curve last year, the team comes well prepared. Tomorrow, 17 September, there will be action on the famous track for the first time. All three drivers, Jakub Smiechowski, Rene Binder and Matevos Isaakyan have walked and/or run the track in the last couple of days.


Rene Binder: “When I walked the track yesterday, I wanted to see if there were any changes from 2019. But I saw none. But the tracks looks dirty, and it needs to get some rubber down. It was the first time I ran the whole circuit, last year only some parts. What amazes me is how long and how far the track is. You don’t feel or see this when you are racing.”


Matevos Isaakyan: “It’s always incredible to walk the track. When you are driving you don’t really understand how sharp the corner is compared to the car and how much speed you can carry in such sharp corners. Sometimes when you walk you think you can do maximum 120 km in the car, while in a real life in the Porsche curves you can do 250 km. Even for a racing driver sometimes that is mind boggling. You see the curbs, the small crests, and it is good to see it from a different angle. What stands out most are clearly are the bumps. I also look for the line where I can put my car when in traffic. I try to see the whole picture.”


Kuba Smiechowski: “When I walk at the track I mostly take a look at the curbs, how I can use them a bit more. And look for sharp edges to use them a little less and be safer. I also look at bumps. Like at Paul Ricard there is a big bump in the middle of the straight, and then I find a way to take it a little bit lighter so it is not so hard on the car and the track gets more comfortable to drive.”


Programme Thursday 17 September 2020

10.00 – 13.00  Free practice 1

14.00 – 17.00  Free practice 2

17.15 – 18.00  Qualifying

20.00 – 00.00  Free practice 3

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