The race after Le Mans

27 June 2019

The race after Le Mans, in Mugello, will be a very different race for the Inter Europol Competition team. For this race, it will not be the battle of endurance but instead it will be a battle with the heat. Temperatures of around the 40 degrees are expected for today and the coming days it will be around the 37 degrees.


The two regular drivers in the Ultimate Cup Series LMP3 #14, Paul Scheuschner and Edward Jonasson, are in third position in the championship with only a five-point difference to the number two drivers.


This weekend Scheuschner and Jonasson are joined by Moritz Müller-Crepon.


Müller-Crepon (who, besides his normal day job, is also the team’s drivers coach) says: “It took a little while but it’s nice to be back in the car. It’s a really fun track and look forward to racing here. The interesting thing of being the driver coach and a driver at the same time, is that I have to point out to my teammates where they can improve and then show them. It makes me very aware of what I am doing on track.”





Thursday 27 June

09.50 – 11.50              Free practice 1

14.30 – 16.30              Free practice 2


Friday 28 June

14.10 – 15.09              Three qualifying practices of 15 minutes each (one per driver)


Saturday 29 June

13.30 – 17.30              Race

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