The Inter Europol Competition team hopes to copy result of Zolder

3 August 2017

Three weeks ago Kuba Smiechowski and Christopher Dreyspring of the Inter Europol Competition team won both GT&Prototype Challenge races at Zolder. They like to copy this result this weekend at Assen (4-6 August) during the Gamma Racing Day in front of the expected 100.000 (or so) race fans.

Christopher Dreyspring is still happy. Not only from the result at Zolder, but he participated in the fourth round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo at Spa last weekend and is, with his teammate, leading the PRO-AM championship.

Dreyspring says: “I am very happy with my season so far because I never thought it would this good. Just out of karts this year I started racing in both the Super Trofeo and the LMP3. Two totally different cars. The LMP3 has a lot more aerodynamics and for me is a bit like a Go Kart because the front is very direct and stable. With a lot more downforce it makes driving easier in fast corners and in acceleration. In the Super Trofeo it is more difficult to feel the setup because of the power steering. It has less aero and is heavier but the car has more power which is nice. They are great race cars and I love them both.”

Smiechowski and Dreyspring are now leading the GT&Prototype Challenge by just one point. Smiechowski knows Assen as he was there two years ago when he raced in the Boss GP in a GP2 car. He won the first race and came second in the second race due to a technical problem.

Smiechowski says: “The last GT&Prototype races at Zolder went really well for me and the team so I want to give the same result this weekend. This weekend we have very limited time because of the full program, only one 40-minute free practice session and then already the qualifying. It will be very important to quickly find a good pace and the right set-up. It will be a fun weekend with all the race fans and the different kinds of racing going on.”

Programme GT&Prototype Challenge

10.11 – 10.51 Free practice
13.45 – 14.15 Qualifying

14.33 – 15.38 Race 1 (60 minutes + 1 lap)
16.28 – 17.18 Race 2 (45 minutes + 1 lap)

The Inter Europol Competition team is also managing the GP2 of Walter Steding in the Boss GP. The German gentleman driver will participate this weekend in the #505 GP2 Dallara with a Mecachrome 4.0 V8 engine.

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