Solid racing with best possible result

18 August 2018

Inter Europol Competition’s driver Kuba Smiechowski started in the #13 LMP3 from 11thplace in the Silverstone round of the European Le Mans Series. It was the best qualifying result so far this year. Teammate Martin Hippe put the car over the finish line in fifth position.  After some very solid racing this was the best possible result.


Trouble came for some LMP3s in the first corner on the first lap of the race. But it saw the #13 LMP3 with Smiechowski move up from 11thto 4thplace. After one hour they were 15th, after the second 8thand after the third hour 6th. Finally to finish 5th.


The #14 LMP3 started from 16thplace with Hendrik Still behind the wheel. When he handed the car over to Paul Scheuschner in the first pit stop, a wheel gun problem reared its ugly head and lost them some valuable time. Then Scheuschner got a stop/go penalty for spinning the wheels leaving the pit after the second pit stop. In the third pit stop Scheuschner handed the car over to Luca Demarchi. Demarchi drove a good stint and passed the finish line in 13thplace.


The team is now fifth in the championship with only 1,5 points less then the number two.


Kuba Smiechowski: “The car was not easy to handle. The oversteer first got worse then got a better and then some of the LMP2s got a bit in my way. Overall Silverstone is not an easy track and it is not one of my favourite to be honest. I am happy with what we have done on track today.”


Paul Scheuschner:“It was a lot of fun to race here in this competitive field. I was a bit annoyed by the stop and go penalty but that is what it is. The traffic management with the LMP2s was challenging but overall, we had good conditions here. I had a good bit of driving time as well. The car had relatively little grip on the tyres, but I like the track. It’s not easy but interesting. Another good experience. The result is ok for us but not what we hoped for.”

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