27 April 2019

The unpredictable weather during the second race of the Ultimate Cup Series in Dijon was one of the deciding factors of the race. Paul Scheuschner started in 6thposition then Edward Jonasson moved up to second place and unfortunately Simon Phillips had a little outing off track but still managed to bring the #14 Inter Europol Competition team LMP3 home in 6thplace.


Scheuschner started the race in 6thposition and, except for one safety car period right after the start, the first hour was rather uneventful. Then just going into the second hour many cars, including the Inter Europol Competition LMP3 #14, changed to slicks. But a short ten minutes after the tyre change, it started to rain again. Scheuschner came in for rain tyres while in 8thplace and handed the car to Edward Jonasson.


In the third hour, there were four full course yellow periods, but Jonasson kept the car on the track and handed it, second position, over to Simon Phillips for the last hour of the race. Phillips spun at the beginning of his stint. He touched the tyre barrier, re-joined but had to come in with a bit of damage on the left rear on the car. It took the team very little time to repair the damage and to send him out again. Phillips took the car over the finish line in sixth postion.


Paul Scheuschner after his stint: “In terms of traffic, my stint was bit boring as I did not see any cars. And it was cold in the car and after a while I could not feel my hands and feet anymore. We could have changed to slicks after about 45 minutes but it the end it was better done when we did, just about 15 minutes later. The stint was ok but here and there on the track I was a bit careful, specially, in second sector.”


Edward Jonasson after his stint: “I went out went it was raining but the conditions kept on changing. I did a lot of aquaplaning. But I was happy with my pace and my consistent lap times under these conditions.”


Simon Phillips after his stint: “It was a very slippery track but I made an unforced error nonetheless, which resulted in hitting the tyre barrier with the rear left of the car. Fortunately, as always, the team reacted with utmost precision and minimised the number of laps we were in the pit box.”


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