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21 November 2018

Here in Shanghai (China) starts the Asian adventure of the Inter Europol Competition Team with drivers Kuba Smiechowski and Martin Hippe. The number 13 car is one of the ten LMP3s participating in the Asian Le Mans Series.


Martin Hippe:“With ten LMP3 cars here on the grid, it is going to be less crowded than in the European Le Mans series but no less hard to fight for the win. It is my first time here in Asia and am ready to get to know a new track for real as I have done a full day on the simulator to get a good preparation.”


Kuba Smiechowski:“I like a new challenge like getting to know four new circuits. It keeps me motivated to get better and quicker. I have not been to any of the circuits but our engineers have, so the set-up of the car should be good.”


Sascha Fassbender (Team Manager):“After a very busy season in two championships with two LMP3, we are now fully concentrated on the Asian Le Mans Series. In between the races we have to arrange tests for our LMP2 and LMP3 and talking to drivers for the 2019 season. So instead of it being the quiet season like the ‘good old times’, we are full on.”

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