We are proud! Fifth in the ELMS LMP3

23 October 2017

The Inter Europol Competition team is very proud to have finished fifth in the LMP3 teams’ standing of the 2017 edition of the European Le Mans Series. Drivers Kuba Smiechowski and Martin Hippe also finished in fifth position. Congratulations to the winner United Autosports.

Kuba Smiechowski: “We are so proud to be fifth in the championship. Last year the team finished in 10th place and the drivers in 12th. We have made a big leap forward. It was hard and fun and I am, and also the team is, looking forward to more of the same and better, for next year.”

Martin Hippe: “To finish the ELMS in fifth position makes me proud. The team did a great job as we had such a busy year. 17 races done and one more to go. Everybody kept up the good spirits and continued to push forward. A big thank you to all.”

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