Problem free race for the #33; second place in Gentleman Class. Problems for the #22.

28 May 2017

For the third round of the VdeV championship at Paul Ricard the sun was out, the temperature around the 28C degrees and 29 cars of which 11 LMP3s, were at the start. Peter Elkmann started in the #22 Ligier JS P3 from second in LPM3 class (8th overall) while Paul Scheuschner in the #33 started from 10th (22nd overall). Yesterday in the qualifying session the #33 only got one lap done due to a wheel nut problem. Scheuschner and Michel ran a solid race in the #33 to finish 7th in LMP3 and second in the Gentleman Class while despite many problems Smiechowski and Elkmann in the #22 managed to finish 8th in LMP3.

Elkmann had a great start and overtook the #20 LMP3. He stayed in first place till he spun in lap eight due to a power steering problem. In the meantime, Scheuschner continued 10th in class with driving consistent lap times.

Due to power steering problem Elkmann had a tough time driving the car and keeping his lap times. He dropped back to 11th in LMP3. During the only safety car period in the second hour, many cars came in for fuel and the field reshuffled. When the safety car came back in the #22 was in 5th place (8th overall) and the #33 8th place (11th overall).

Not only did the #22 struggle with the power steering it also developed a fuel pump problem. Both Elkmann and Smiechowski came in for extra fuel stops because of low fuel pressure warmings.

Coming into the third hour Scheuschner was in fourth place when he handed the car over to his co-driver Xavier Michel. When Elkmann handed over to Smiechowski they were in 11th position.

In the fourth and last hour, the drivers did what they have to do: bring the cars home. Scheuschner and Michel finished 7th and second in the Gentleman Class, just ahead of Smiechowski and Elkmann in 8th place in LMP3 class.

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