One last push; IEC heads to the WEC finale in Bahrain

30 October 2023

In the FIA World Endurance Championship, the 8H of Bahrain marks the last race for the team with LMP2 equipment and it would be fitting to conclude a fabulous season on a positive note. The title is very difficult but possible. Kuba, Albert and Fabio have it all to do in the #34 ORECA, but the team and drivers are nothing if not determined to wrap up the programme in style.

FIA World Endurance Championship: #34 ORECA 07 LMP2
Kuba Smiechowski, Fabio Scherer and Albert Costa

Q) The final round of the championship is coming up in Bahrain; how do you approach this event in terms of the championship battle?

Albert: “I travel to Bahrain very motivated after the disappointment of Fuji. It’s a new venue for me, so I am really looking forward to this race; the circuit looks really cool from what I have seen. We have all been working hard to be as ready as we can be for the final round. For the title, it will be difficult, but it is mathematically possible, so I will give my best to help us reach our goals.”

Kuba: “For us, there is only one possibility, really, we have to win the race and afterwards, we will see where we end up in the Championship.”

Fabio: “The championship chances are small, so my aim is to drive a strong race, very much aiming to win the last race of the season, and then we can see where we stand.”

Q) The Centenary edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the highlight of the season and, arguably, the history of Inter Europol Competition. Looking back now on the event, you must be tremendously proud of the achievement…

Albert: “It’s nice to look back on – the biggest achievement of my career – but it is already in the past. I mostly look ahead – the past is the past – at the challenges coming up and I always want more!”

Kuba: “Yes, of course. It’s something we worked really hard to achieve as a team. Everyone put in their best effort during the winter, and I am proud that, as a Polish team, we were able to achieve one of the biggest milestones in our motorsport history. None of this would’ve happened without the dedication of everyone involved in this project and I would like to thank everyone for it.”

Fabio: “The Le Mans victory still feels unreal. Every time I see a clip of it, it brings back the unbelievable moments of that race weekend. I am working on my yearly film, and I almost cry when I see it back again. It is probably my best day ever and I want to repeat this one day again.”

Q) It’s the last race for the LMP2 class in the FIA World Endurance Championship. The class provides fantastic racing and will be missed by many. From a personal perspective, what are your thoughts on this?

Albert: “For me, this is not a good decision. It is a really good proving ground for the drivers, one in which they can make the difference. It’s a cool championship; everyone has the same car, and I think many people will miss LMP2s in this series.”

Kuba: “It’s a great shame that the LMP2 class will be discontinued in WEC. I understand this decision and I think for fans, it’s a great thing to have such big manufacturers entering the championship next year and 2025. Who knows, maybe the class will return in the future as it proved to be one of the most competitive fields I have ever seen.”

Fabio: “It’s a shame that LMP2 is missing from WEC next season. It is what it is and the future of the Hypercar is big so that I can understand the decision behind it and one day, I wish to be part of it.”

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