No luck at all

19 September 2021

The weekend started well for the Inter Europol Competition LMP3 #13 of Martin Hippe, Aidan Read and Ugo de Wilde with a P2 in qualifying. In the first hour of the race, Hippe had a problem with the steering wheel and had to come in twice to get it repaired. Then Aidan Read took over. Shortly afterwards Read crashed heavily at Campus but walked away unhurt.


In the #14, Mattia Pasini moved from P12 to P6 in the first hour, but had a drive-through penalty after coming in contact with another LMP3. Nico Pino took over. But to repair the rear left light, damaged during the start, Pino had to make one extra stop. Then the team?s luck ran out. Mateusz Kaprzyk had a starter problem at the beginning of his stint and had to come in, just before the end of the race, with a broken exhaust. No points for either car.


Sascha Fassbender: ?Unfortunately our race was not as good weather here in Spa, 20 degrees and sunshine! In qualifying we were the fastest Ligier, which made us hope for a good result in the race. But with the steering wheel problem, and Read?s accident, no points this race for the #13. With the #14 we were very unlucky as well. Just before the end, we had to give up the race with a broken exhaust. We will analyse everything and come back strong for the last race of the season. I am sorry for Ugo (de Wilde) that he could not drive in his home race here at Spa.?


Mattia Pasini: ?I am pretty happy because even after the mistake in the first corner when I spun, I recovered a lot of positions and enjoyed the race and the car. Then I had contact with the United car and I got a drive-through penalty. But I could still fight for the podium. We were a bit unlucky as we had to repair the rear light twice.?


Aidan Read: ?It was an unlucky day. We had a great start and were in the lead before the troubles with the steering wheel. Then I made a mistake in Campus. I was pushing a bit too hard, wasn?t quite making the line and by running wide, bottomed out the floor, which took away front downforce and put me in into the fence. Sorry to the team and my team mates. But on the positive side, It has been a cool experience to drive at Spa for the first time and enjoyed being back in an LMP.?


Nico Pino: ?I feel a bit gutted as it was an unfortunate weekend for us. But I am happy with my performance and learned a lot. I had some good fights in my session. Little issues with the car but overall, I was happy.?


Martin Hippe: ?What a Sunday! We were good in quali with a P2. I had a good start and could lead till the safety car came. Then the problem with the steering wheel caused shifting problems and costs us a lot of time. After changing the steering wheel and some cables, I could finish my stint and luckily the performance was still there.?


Mateusz Kaprzyk: ?My stint was sort of ok. The car was a bit harder to drive than usual, but I gained a lot of experience and learned the track and I hope that will help me in the future.?



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