Race 1 June 9th           In race 1, Inter Europol Competition drivers Noam Abramczyk and Donald Yount suffered time losses because of a technical problem in the first qualifying session. On his second lap, Noam got hit and only during the pitstop with the driver change the team had to repair the rear right bullet in the pitstop. In a race riddled with accidents and many slow zones, the #54 finished in 30thplace.


Martin Hippe (Team manager #54): Unfortunately, we did not finish the race because of a technical problem. It was overall a difficult day for us. We already had the problem in qualifying one and the second qualifying was a mess with a lot of slow zones and a red flag, period. It was tough for our drivers to find their rhythm. We have a day off tomorrow. We will take the car apart, find the problem, and return on Saturday for the second race.


Race 2 June 11th        The technical problem was solved (it turned out to be a faulty switch panel), but due to that, Don Yount did not do the minimum of qualifying lap times (110% of the best time set by the fastest car in his group) he has to start from the back of the grid in 46th (or 35th in LMP3) place. Yount improved his lap times in his stint and handed the car to Abramczyk in the safety car period in 26thposition. Abramczyk spent most of his time in the car behind the safety car but did very well to drive the #54 over the finish line in 22nd position.

Martin Hippe (Team manager #54): “Position 22 is actually a very good result for us, taking we started at the back of the field. The team did a very good job, and the drivers progressed nicely throughout the weekend. We hope to be back next year. I wish all my LMP2 team members of the #34 and #43 a very successful 24 Hours race.”






Don Yount: “Race 2 was much better without the electric gremlins we had in Race 1 and qualifying. The car was strong, and my co-driver ran good laps of the few he had.  Starting 49th  and finishing 22nd is all we could do with the shortened race. Thanks to Noam and the Inter Europol Competition for the strong car and a great experience.”

Noam Abramczyk:  “It was a very good experience, and we had many battles during both races. But we also had some problems during quali and Race 1, so it was tough to show our real pace. In race two, we just had two full laps after the safety car left the track, and I could gain seven positions. This was a good end of both races.”

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