Nine hours done and keeping the pace

16 June 2019

The first 24 Hours of Le Mans for the team is a fact. We started the race from 26thplace overall and 18thin LMP2. After the always impressive starting procedures, Kuba Smiechowski started his first 24 hour race. For the first six hours the car ran without any troubles.


Just into the seventh hour the tail lights stopped working and Smiechowski, who was back in the car after Nigel Moore’s first stint, had to come in to get the end place changed. It was actually changed twice. With the lights working James Winslow took the wheel.


Just when Winslow started his second stint, he reported a problem with the compressor. He came in to have it changed and 18 minutes later he could continue. The #34 LMP2 of the Inter Europol Competition team fell back to 20thplace in LMP2 and 37thoverall.


Quotes after their first stint:


Nigel Moore: “Good start of the race. We climbed up a few places. Still early stages of the race and we have seen some shunts but we are still going around. The car is not bad and the lap times are consistent. Next stint will be a long one, but I like driving at night.”


James Winslow:“From the first time I jumped in the car I had a little issue with the gearbox but it has not re-appeared again. Our race pace is good and we are looking good so far. Keeping the fingers crossed.


Kuba Smiechowski:“It was special to take the start. Not sure what I expected but this was very special. The car feels good, no problems so far. My lap times are steady and I am enjoying the race and the whole Le Mans experience so far.”

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