Le Mans 24 Hours: At midnight (8 hours gone) #34 – P11 #43 – P4

12 June 2022

Midnight. The Inter Europol Competition team’s Oreca LMP2 #34 and #43 are doing quadruple stints into the night. Drivers find their rhythm. Fabio Scherer, takes the #43 into the witching hour in fourth place, while the #34 driver with Alex Brundle behind the wheel, is now in 11th place. The crews are ready for the night shift.

       #34                                                     #43

After five hours 11th                                         After five hours 8th

After six hours 11th                             After six hours 8th

After seven hours 8th                          After seven hours 7th

After eight hours 11th                         After eight hours 4th

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