15 April 2022

After the European Le Mans Series prologue on the circuit of Paul Ricard at Le Castellet, the Inter Europol Competition team is ready to race.


Straight after testing at Val de Vienne with one LMP2 and one LMP3, the team settled at Paul Ricard on Sunday. During the following two test days on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 April, there were no technical problems found, and the performance of the cars was good. The drivers got to know the team, as most drivers are new to the team.


Team manager Sascha Fassbender comments on the 2022 ELMS season.


Three cars instead of two like last season – is that a much more significant challenge for the team?

?Yes and no,” says Sascha. ?On the one hand, it’s nothing new for us because this was already the case in 2019; on the other hand, we must come to each track with an extra truck and bring correspondingly more parts, spare parts and people. We bring about 20 more people compared to a two-car team. We also must have many more facilities in the paddock, including hospitality. So, the logistics are more complicated.?


You are fielding an LMP2 car, the same class that competes in the WEC. Is the specification of the car identical in both series?

?Not exactly. The main difference is the aero kit. In the ELMS, a high downforce kit is mandatory, while in the WEC, we use a low downforce kit, which used to be used only in the Le Mans 24 Hours. This impacts many other car settings and, of course, it’s handling.?


What are your sporting expectations for this season?

?We want at least one of our driver line-ups to stand on the podium in every race,” concluded Sascha Fassbender.?


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