First place for Smiechowski/ Dreyspring

15 July 2017

Smiechowski started from pole of race 1 of the GT&Prototype Challenge powered by Hankook and led the race till Dreyspring took over during the compulsory pitstop with a 17 second lead. Dreyspring then led the race till the end. A great result for rookie Dreyspring as it was his first time ever in an LMP3.

Their first position was never in danger, not even with their 30 seconds extra pittime (due to the result of the last race). But then more cars had the same penalty time or even more. The race was shortened to 55 minutes though the pitwindow remained the same (between 25 and 35 minutes). This was due to absolute motorsilence at the circuit at 6pm. Smiechowski also set the fastest lap 1m30s148.

Kuba Smiechowski: “It was good. I tried to create a big gap behind me to make life a little easier. Once I overtook the slower cars I did not push as much any more. The car was a bit slippery but manageable on this short and sweet but challenging circuit with some slow corners where you have to go big on the brakes. Hopefully we can go for the same result tomorrow.”

Christopher Dreyspring: “It was a very good day for me. It was the second time in the car in the dry. In the beginning I just had to get to trust the car in race condition. Once I started to do this I could push a little more. I was lucky not to have too much traffic as it gave me a bit more time to get used to the track and the car. Obviously I am very pleased with the result and the car. Looking forward to tomorrow to get more track time in this car.”

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