Estoril VdeV (Portugal)

9 November 2016

We are the Champions! Although the last round of the VdeV Series didn’t go as planned it was enough to secure the overall win in the LMP3 class. This time we had two cars under our banner on the start. Besides Martin Hippe and Jakub Smiechowski, Philippe Hazebrouck and Moritz Müller-Crepon joined us. The weather in Estoril is very unpredictable and you never know what will happen. Due to heavy rain we had to interrupt our qualifying earlier. This resulted in the 3 and 4 place in class. The race started behind Safety Car because of the rain and during the first 2 hours he had to return to lead the field numerous times. From the third hour we decided to put slick tires on our cars. This didn’t mean that there was less action on the track. The slippery surface made it very hard to stay between the white lines. On the halfway mark we were on 1 and 5 position. Our new drivers showed superb speed and were on the best way for fourth or even third position. Sadly, half hour before the end Moritz was getting out of the car which was buried in the gravel. Until then both drivers impressed us with their great debut. In the meantime Martin and Jakub were fighting for the win. These plans were ruined by a 4-minute stop&go caused by a little mistake. We didn’t respect minimum rest time between stints for a driver by only three minutes. Despite everything the championship at the end of the season definitely sweetens this last race. We can’t wait for next testing days and a brand new season!

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