Bad Luck at Night

20 October 2019

The penultimate race of the Ultimate Cup Series at Magny Cours was the only night race in the series. The 10 LMP3s started the race with some light drizzle coming down. The Inter Europol Competition team #14 LMP led the race for a long time when a driveshaft broke. The car lost 16 minutes in the pitbox and Scheuschner/Sch?ll/Pekar had to be satisfied with eights place.

Constantin Sch?ll started in the #14 LMP3 from 4th place. Had a really good start but then fell back to fifth. After some good fights and overtaking he climbed to 3rd. In the first hour of the race, the safety car came out and the team called him in to have Paul Scheuschner take over. Scheuschner went out on slicks. A perfect strategy of the team.


Being the only car on slicks, Scheuschner moved up to first and build a two lap gap. But then bad luck struck; the driveshaft broke. The car was pushed in the pit box and it took the team just under 20 minutes to put in a new one. Scheuschner came back in eighth place.


Tomas Pekar, the winner of the Clio Cup Central Europe, took over from Scheuschner. After one lap he had to come back in for rain tyres as the drizzle started again. He pushed hard but the gap was just to big. Eighth place was the best result possible.


Constantin Sch?ll: ?My start was good. I was in P3 but the first three or four corners but I was not in the right position to move up so I fell back to P6. After 2 or 3 laps I started picking up the pace. I started to feel comfortable in the car. Car was set up perfectly. We made the right decision with going early on slicks. This race and the time in the car will certainly help me for the (ELMS) race at Portimao. A big thank you to the team for giving us a perfect car.?


Paul Scheuschner: ?The start was a bit unfortunate but Constantin but then he made up some positions and handed me the car when in second place. Just before my first pitstop the driveshaft broke which was a pity for us because we were 2,5 laps ahead. But the team worked really hard to fix it (I believe in 16 minutes). I know we could have been on the podium, but it is what it is, but I know we would have been able to have pulled that off. Now looking forward to Portimao and sharing the car again with Constantin.?


Tomas Pekar: ?it was super fun for me. I had the last stint in the dark and it was raining again. With the rain and in the dark it is tough to be on the track. The car feels easier in the dry. So the situation was difficult but it was a really nice experience. What a difference to the Clio. I spend a nice time with the team, they looked after me really well. Now I want to come back again.?




Next race: European Le Mans Series, Portimao, 25-27 October.

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