Assen BOSS GP & NEC (Holland)

9 August 2016

Two of our drivers- Jens Renstrup and Philippe Haezebrouck participated in the Gamma Racing Days in Assen. It is one of the biggest motorsport events in the year with over 92 thousand spectators visiting the track. The trophies were presented by F1 Champion Mika Hakkinen who was very impressed by the BOSS GP series and even said that maybe the next time he comes to one of the races it will not be as a spectator but as a driver. For Phillipe it was a very busy weekend as he took part also in NEC. It was his first time in a Formula Renault. He felt more and more comfortable with the car every time he went out on track. In the first qualifying he finished 25th. The second one went much better as he improved not only significantly his lap time but also moved up by one position. In the races he finished respectively 24th and 23rd. Qualifying of the BOSS GP didn’t went to well for our drivers. Phillipe finished 10th and Jens 12th. But the promised a better results in the races. They delivered. Phillipe after a good race moved up to 5th place and Jens gained one position and finished 11th. The next day wasn’t as good. Philippe lost a couple of places and as a result finished 8th. Jens was able to keep his 11th position. The next race of BOSS GP is after one month at the difficult track in Brno.

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