Where are we located?

Małopole, 45 km from Warsaw

How big is the garage?

1033 m2, 2 floors

We are supported by a manufacturer of bakery products so we eat...

100 cookies and snacks a day,
500 per week,
2000 per month

We provide catering services to...

About 200 people

How many countries have been visited by the drivers so far?


How much fuel does a LMP2 car burn during the 24H Le Mans 2023 race:

2229 liters

What was the distance covered during the 24H Le Mans 2023 race?

4470,64 km (328 laps)

How hot do brakes and tires get during a race?

Brakes to about 800 degrees, and the optimal tire temperature id 80-120 degrees

The fastest refueling procedure during the 24H Le Mans 2023 race:

About 75 liters in 40 seconds

Our the best lap time in 24H Le Mans 2023 race:


Time in the pit stop in 24Le Mans race:

00:50:23 min

How long does it take on average to stop for refueling and tire replacement in 24Le Mans race?

49 seconds

How many sets of tires does the team use for the longest race?

14 set so 56 tires