Martin Hippe

I first started karting when I was 4 years old and did the first few laps together with my father. When I was 7 years old I went karting and that was it. I had found my hobby and shortly thereafter got my first Bambini kart.

In 1995 and 1996 I was in the highly competitive Bambini class with opponents like Sebastian Vettel. From 1997 till 2000 I was with the ICA Juniors in the DJKM as well as in the European Championship. The year after I was also active in the DKM and the European Championships in ICA Formula A. I finished 6th in the German championship. And I completed the first test drives in the Formula King.

In 2002 I entered the German Formula Championship. At the end of the year I re-oriented myself for the next year and started in two races in the Formula BMW Germany. But due to budget reasons I did not reach the success I wanted that year, neither in 2003 nor in 2004.

However, I did race in the Austrian Formula 3 at the end of 2004. Immediately I felt good in the car and finished once 2nd and 3rd.

Then in 2005, I participated in the German ATS Formula 3 Cup as well as in the Austrian Formula 3. I finished the year as the third-best rookie and 6th overall in the ATS F3 Cup and 2nd in the Austrian Championship.

In winter 2005/2006 I helped develop the then new Formula 3 for LOLA cars. However, again for budget reasons I had to stop racing.

In 2016, it was possible to restart my racing career with the Inter Europol Competition team in the French VdeV endurance Series in an LMP3 car. After 10 years without any racing, I was immediately able to build on old successes and secure the championship with my team-mate.

In 2005, however, there was another opportunity for me in motorsports. I started working as a driver’s coach as well as a race and data engineer. In my first year, I took care of today’s F1 driver Sergio Perez.

After that I was successfully active as a racing and data engineer in the following series:
Formula BMW Germany, Formula Renault NEC, Formula 3 Cup, Remus F3 Cup, ESET CUP, Superleague Formula and in 2016 in the ELMS.

In short:

1994: Karting Bambini
1995 – 1997: Karting Bambini – 2 x 2nd ODKM, 5th NRW-CUP (German Championship)
1998: Karting ICA 100cc – Junior- 2nd ODKM
1999: Karting ICA 100cc – Junior- 2nd ODKM, European Championship 23rd
2000: Karting ICA 100cc – Junior – 1st ODKM, European Championship 12th
2001: Karting Formula A – 6th German championship
2002: Formula Koenig Germany – 11th
2003: Formula BMW Germany – 23rd
2004: Formula BMW Germany – 11th
2005: Formula 3 – 3rd FIA CEZ, 2nd Austria F3, 6th German ATS F3 CUP
2005 – 2006: Official Development-driver for LOLA – F3 project
2016: LMP3 – VdeV Endurance Series – 1st