Monza BOSS GP (Italy)

Sadly this wasn’t the best weekend for our Dutch driver Jens Renstrup. The “Temple of Speed” is always a big challenge for the drivers. Downforce is reduced to lowest possible level which makes the car very hard to drive, especially in the closing stages of the race. In qualification Jens finished in the 16th position. The races went a little better. Right after the start there was a crash already in the first chicane. Safety Car was deployed immediately. After all debris was collected and race was about to resume, a big and spontaneous storm forced the Race Director to show the Red Flag. The race was not resumed afterwards. Despite very limited time of “real racing” Jens managed to fight his way onto 9th place. Second race was filled with brilliant wheel-to-wheel fights. Unfortunately there was also one of the biggest crashes in BOSS GP history. Luckily none of the drivers got seriously injured. At the end of the race for the second time, the results showed Jens as the 9th driver that crossed the finish line. This was a hard weekend for him, but every time he went on track he found a better rhythm. Next race will take place in Assen during the already legendary Gamma Racing Days.

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